Death, illness, and disease. Without a doubt, these are my biggest fears - but they’re also the catalyst for my creativity. Art is my mechanism for coping with difficult and unsettling emotions; it’s my way of communicating without words. I’m normally quite the organized planner. I keep a detailed calendar, I make lists for everything and I love a good spreadsheet. But when it comes to art, I’m at my best when I don’t have a roadmap.

It takes a conscious effort to quiet my mind and let whatever happens... happen. I tell myself,

‘Don’t think, just feel. Don’t judge, just do.’ Way easier said than done.

I was born in Los Angeles, California, to Chinese immigrants. My family came to the Bay Area when I was about two and settled in Marin County. From there, I'd move a dozen more times - jumping from school to school, adjusting to different neighborhoods, and making new friends along the way. It became obvious that change was constant, leaving a permanent impression on my values and beliefs. I find endless inspiration in my natural surroundings and have a fondness for human anatomy. My work has been featured at the de Young and SFMOMA museum stores in San Francisco, under the name TIMMY MAYS.

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